About Us

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, MovieStarPlanet is a young and vibrant company that specialises in the development and marketing of social, interactive games. 

We have recently re-located to Amagerfælledvej 56, 1, on the 2nd floor. We are near the IT University of Copenhagen and in the cool "new" Ørestad area. Over 70 employees who work passionately to constantly improve and expand the MovieStarPlanet.com experience.

We are a young company and are still carried by the entrepreneurial spirit that founded it. We are not burdened by outdated traditions and formal processes but instead utilise the passion and ambitions of our people to continually push the boundaries and grow both the product and the company.

Our first game in production is the hugely popular game and social network for tweens, MovieStarPlanet.com, which is currently marketed in 15 countries throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Our mission is to deliver a compelling online and interactive social network and entertainment universe for children aged eight to 15 years all over the world. 

We do this through a combination of continuous product innovation and improvements, clever marketing strategies, strong partnerships and user involvement.