Information to parents

MovieStarPlanet is a great game and community for children to have fun, be creative and make friends. You can read all about it here.

The safety of our users is our highest priority at MovieStarPlanet. You can read more about how we keep the game safe here.

At MovieStarPlanet we strongly encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in promoting online safety. Please talk to your children about how to remain safe and how to behave online. We must all be vigilant when children are online, just as we are when they are on the street. We need to make sure that they are protected from people who may pose a risk. Online, children can be exposed to unwanted, illegal or inappropriate content, but there are certain steps that you and your child can take to avoid the risk of something unpleasant happening.

  • Discuss how the Internet will be used in your home. Make sure children understand what information to keep private (names, phone number, address, etc.). Set up some rules for how to meet new people online. Given the nature of the Internet, we can never be sure who is on the other end.
  • Explain to your child the importance of keeping their password safe - and not using the same password for too many things. The password is like a key to a house. Inform children that someone might try to make them reveal their password, often done by promising gifts or other items, or by claiming to have certain authority (such as working for MovieStarPlanet). Should your child's password be revealed, please change the password immediately.
  • Ensure your Internet connection is secure and that only your family has access to it. You are responsible for what happens on your computer (IP address). MovieStarPlanet has the authority to ban your IP address, even if it was a guest at your house who broke the rules.
  • Install anti-virus software and Parental Control functions on all computers, cell phones and game consoles in order to block inappropriate content. No Parental Control is 100% secure, so never rely on the system to protect your child. We do all that we can to keep the site safe, but remember that perfection does not exist online. When it comes to the safety of your child we go out of our way to provide a secure environment. Safety is a partnership between parents/guardians and MovieStarPlanet.
  • You and your child should know how to report another user on MovieStarPlanet. Reports should be made the instant the abuse/behaviour takes place. Go to the Help section on the front page to see how you report another user or report inappropriate content.